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Nandu Nursing dress

The Nandu Short sleeved Nursing dress is a practical, pretty and versatile 4 in 1 piece of clothing (T-shirt, tunic, mini dress and maternity dress). Because of the uniquely sewn breast part, one may breastfeed easily, quickly and discretely at home, on the go or while babywearing.

We may shape the dress in the desired way by pulling on the two colour coordinated strings on the sides. We may wear the dress as a maternity dress, comfortably ruffled on the belly. Loosening the strings all the way turns it into a nursing mini dress, and by pulling on the strings, it turns into a nursing tunic that can be worn with leggings, pantyhose or pants. Tightening the strings turns it into a nursing T-shirt.

How to choose the right size:
S - Small: EU 34-36
M - Middle: EU 36-38
L - Large: EU 38-40
XL - Extra Large: EU 40-42

Nandu Nursing dress

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