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Nandu Slings


Our company offers 100% manufacturer warranty for the quality of Nandu slings. If you have a problem with the product and want to validate the warranty claim, you can contact us.

No warranty applies to errors due to improper use or care of the slings

Examples for improper use:
  • using the sling for purposes other than babywearing
  • not washing the sling according to the guidance indicated on the sewn-in label
  • treating the sling with corrosive chemicals
  • exposing the sling to high heat
  • storing the sling near or on sharp objects
What does manufacturer warranty mean?

The manufacturer guarantees that within a certain period of time the product will function properly. In case of disputes arising out of defective execution, the manufacturer or merchandiser must prove that the goods were handed over in a flawless condition, and the failure occurred due to consumer misuse. It is important to note that not the error itself, but its cause should be supposed to have occurred before the purchase.


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