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The ECO Baby Buckle Carrier is an equipment with changeable spread and height. The shoulder straps are buckled, and can be attached crosswise as well. It can be set in 3 ways, and can be adjusted according to the size of the baby and the carrier person.
The waist band is strong, and can be attached by a high-quality strap on the waist/hip part, wherever it fits best the carrier person.
The shoulder straps and waist bands are made of strong linen, the shoulder straps contain foam that holds its shape perfectly, while the waist bands are equipped with lightweight, strong polyfoam that maintains its shape well.
It is a simple, light, durable and comfortable carrier for those, who do not want a tie-sling, but still prefer babywearing. We can put it on and off easily, yet it will not touch the ground.

Sizes: From a new-born age until 1.5 years. It is recommended for front, hip and back carrying.

Special properties: The body part is made of the same material as the Nandu ECO sling. It is padded at the thigh part. The hole can be adjusted to the baby’s size by a button and a flexible band that has buttonholes on it.

Components*: 100% cotton, inner: 100% polyethylene, 100% polyester, 100% polyurethane

Cleaning: Follow the instructions indicated on the sewn-in label. Machi- ne wash, cold. Low speed centrifuge is recommended. The buckled baby carrier is best washed in a washing bag to protect the buckles.

* ECO certified component

Nandu Buckle Baby Carrier

Nandu Buckle Baby Carrier

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