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Nandu Baby Stretchy Sling

The ECO Baby Stretchy sling is a long, flexible textile type tie-sling. Among babywearing equipment, the slings that have to be tied are the most versatile, and the cuddliest. Wearing the baby in such a sling is not exhausting even on a long term. Its flexibility makes it easy to tie, it is soft and light to carry in it. It makes breastfeeding easier both in front- and hip carrying positions. It is recommended from a new-born age until the child reaches the weight of 8 kg, for front and hip carrying, with multi-layered tie.

Material of the sling: Eco-Tex 100 Standard certified jersey material, with Eco-Tex Standard 100 certified yarn used for the stitching.

Special properties: The sling is flexible in all directions, which ensures a perfect, cuddly feel. The pocket in the middle – apart from making the sling more beautiful – provides the sling with extra support.

Sizes: The baby stretchy sling is 4.7 m long and 60 cm wide.

Components*: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

Cleaning: Follow the instructions indicated on the sewn-in label. Machine wash, cold. Low speed centrifuge is recommended. Dry flat.

* ECO certified component

Nandu Baby Stretchy Sling

Nandu Baby Stretchy Sling

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